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Что нужно делать,а что не нужно делать что-бы сохранить окружающую среду....

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You musn't drop litter in the streets, in the forests and in the rivers.

You mustn't pollute the atmosphere. You must use cars not very often.

You mustn't pollute water. You must economize water and electricity.

You mustn't  kill animals. You mustn't cut down the trees.

We must built plants for recycling of rubbish.

We must sort our rubbish. We mustn't make fires in the forest. it is very dangerouse. 


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-Minimize pollution of the environment of domestic and industrial waste.

-Maintain the purity of water resources.

-Think about the rational use of resources.

-To conduct classes in schools, devoted to the ecological education of the younger generation.

-To organize cleaning days.

-Supervise the work of nuclear power plants.

-To build waste processing plants and the opportunity to again use of the available resources.

-To carry out the landscaping of the city and land reclamation to improve soil fertility.

-Control deforestation.


-Discharge into water waste and garbage.

-Pour oil into the seas and oceans.

-Cut down the forest.

-Pollute the soil.

-Destroy the ozone layer.

-Build polluting the atmosphere plants.

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