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What have the children from Paul`s class done and haven`t they done? Fill in the gaps with the correct verb forms. Jay and Jane have already practised their dance.(alreaby/perform) Polly her ballet dance .(just/perform) Ron his costume.(yet/ prepare) they flowers?(yet/buy) they people to the concert?(yet/invite) Andy the poster.(just/finish) Jack a hat for his tricks. (already/ bring) They what they will do next year. (yet/decide)

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Jay and Jane have already performed their dance.

Polly has just performed  her ballet dance .

Ron haven't  prepared his costume yet.

Haven't they  bought flowers yet?

Have they yet  invited  people to the concert ?

Andy has just finished the poster.

Jack has already brought a hat for his tricks.

They haven't yet decided  what they will do next year. 

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