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сочинение по английскому языку 7 класс

write an article for the school magazine about a friend or family member you admire

помогите плиз!!!!!

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I want to tell you about a person I admire. It is my friend Ivan (или любое другое имя). He is the most cheerful and optimistic person I have ever met. When I feel upset, he always cheers me up and helps me with advice. Also, he is one of the smartest people I know. It seems that he knows almost everything and can answer any question. Moreover, he's good at sports. Especially football.That's why I admire him and want to be like him. 

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I admire my mother. She is a very beautiful woman and she always looks great. She has a lot of work at home. But she is always kind and attentive. She helps me grow up. She always  gives me advice and takes care of me. She  shows me the right way, always support me . I love her and really admire her for many reasons. She is my best friend. Sometimes I have some problems at school, with teachers, or with friends and  I always go to meet her for asking some advice.  I always feel better after that.She is a woman who takes an important part in my life.  She changes my thoughts and actions. I really love my mother. I think I am the happiest person because I have a great mother. 

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