Нужно написать текст ** тему здоровый образ жизни по англискому.

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Нужно написать текст на тему здоровый образ жизни по англискому.

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We are for the healthy way of life
And what is "health"? It is the lack of illnesses. It means that you enjoy your life, work well and are happy. So, health is the man`s greatest wealth.
Of course you can inherit some health problems from your parents, but you can always keep your health if you want.
Very often people are ill because of their laziness and greediness, sometimes unreasonableness. Of course medicine can treat successfully people for many illnesses, but it can`t teach them to be healthy. Your health is in your hands.
Now many people think more about their health. They understand that to be healthy is very important, because if you have health you`ll overcome the different difficulties. Last week I interviewed my classmates and found out that fast all of them are for the healthy way of life. Only two of us smoke, none of us drink alcohol or take drugs. All children go in for sport. We eat fruits and vegetables every day. We don`t eat fat food. My classmates decide to work out the code of the rules of the healthy living guide.

Not to overeat
To have a correct diet
Go in for sport
Give up bad habits
Sleep seven or eight hours
I think all these rules are really a good way to live.

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